大家好, 很久没见面了哦!!又是DORAEMON登场时间~
其实在年中的时候有进了很多DORAEMON的新货, 但是都是小小杂杂的东西,有点懒惰放上来分享, 所以拖到现在才登场(不好意思…)。


哇, 是全家福哦, 始祖小叮当跟妹妹都登场了!

呵呵, 喜欢吗?
虽然每一只有钥匙扣的大小, 但是细节还算精致, 手脚跟头都可以活动。 想象如果是如同一个小孩的大小, 摆在家里各个角落,如同博物院一般,那该有多好啊~ 想起了最近在日本开放的小叮当博物院, 我真的好想去哦 (但是目前还没本事去日本 ), 继续发梦~~


  1. hahaha…life with dreams!! You’ll definitely go Japan one day and currently the fare is pretty low. Well, introduce you an amazing place in Penang . Which is a largest toy museum so far I’ve seen (*saw from my sister’s collective photos :)). They only open 30% collection from now to public, the complete collectibles will be done by next year. My sister has a positive feedback to the museum, rm10 (malaysian) entry fee is kinda worth =) theother link is here

  2. hahahah…..saya dari kampung, dont even know S’pore got such a museum there. Well, we’re planning to have a family trip to penang next year. Hope its on the run. kakaka…not much things to do in the office. Hey, you know Photobook Malaysia? its a great idea of making own self photobook. You can download the software and layout the book in anyway you like. Yet, you may download groupon from when its on a promotion at rm64 per book (*original price RM25x) But i’m not sure whether its available in JB. You may check it out! My art director good lobang~~~She shares the good stuff to us.

  3. A cheapest way to make your own photo album. I just downloaded the software. I assume wont be so complicated for beginner 🙂 hahaha…we should hang out one day

  4. 🙂 If not mistaken, photobook groupon would have the similar promotion on every month. Let you know when the next promotion is out. Catch you on FB gua 🙂